Buon Appetito   Distant Hills   Evening Calm Venice   Gardeners Friends   Harbour Heights
Lakeside Serenity   Pause for Lunch   Sailing By   Sky High   Terracotta Sunset
Waterfront Colours Limone   Bon Appétit   Winter Cottages   Water's Edge   Waterfront Reflections
View from Terrace   Through the Archway   The Visitor   Rustic Dining   Evening Fire - Venice
Down to the Sea   Clock Tower   Cafe Verona   Cafe Roma   Beyond the Jetty
Beachside Cafes   A Quiet Backstreet            

All originals in this section are produced in pastel on pastel card. Size of image is as indicated. Prices start from £200 depending on the size of the picture. The cost of postage and packing are extra and will depend on destination region.

If you are interested in purchasing or commissioning an original, please email me at art@malcolmsurridge.co.uk